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                      1ABOUT US
                      Company profile

                      Morning Star established in May 2006, Located in Taiyuan Stainless Steel Industrial Park, Taiyuan Shanxi Province, China. With its founders’ excellent experience in Automotive industry, We are confident to provide best product & engineering service to automotive, IT, Communication, home-electric customers in terms of 

                      Business areas

                      (1) Assemblin

                      (2) Auto Functional Electronic Parts

                      (3) Machining & Stamping

                      (4)Wire Harness

                      The company vision

                      To be the best Manufacturer in the world in terms of quality, cost, service and function.

                      Continuous Improvement, pursuing the most updated technologies on new processing & material. to be the best Wire Harness, Plastic Injection & Automotive electronics worldwide supplier.