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                      Auto parts assembly

                      Morning Star started its business with global outsourcing manufacturing and OEM brandname manufacturing. Combined with its more than 12 years global automotive assembly OEM supply experience,MS owns high level manufacture technique and optimized process control capabilities. We developed competitive advantages at assembly integration field. With sub-components both build-in-house and outsourced, MS is good at assembling them into final functional/Performance assemblies by High-efficient, automatic processes, with visual/key dimension/performance on-line checks build-in.

                      During APQP phase, MS promotes automatic high-efficency thinking as priority when conduct processing design. MS does its best to build mistake-Proof and traceability requirements into processing. Maximize its automatic fixtures and robot application to promote efficiency and reduce operation cost. In the meanwhile, invite digital logisitic & production to guarantee lot # contorl, FIFO, product tracability etc.

                      MS hold controlling professional automation & Robot industry application sub-company. It provides strong supports to MS for its optimized automation processing design to get balanced "cost-efficiency-Quality control".